Thursday October 25, 2018

Day one morning

New technologies and Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery on Conference

Drug Delivery and Formulation Strategies

Thursday,Friday, Oct.25-26, 2018
Session One

Oral formulation development and design

Session Two

Injection development and design

Session Three

Inhalation development and design

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Special Thanks to our Agenda Advisors

Dear Colleagues:

It is my immense pleasure in announcing that DDF2018 is being hosted by Best Media Team based out from Shanghai China. At the same time I see a lot of enthusiasm and spark of interest from various colleagues and friends and I sincerely thank you all for your interest in this upcoming conference! We are currently planning our next great events about addressing drug solubility, delivery and bioavailability challenges for the years to come. This upcoming conference features never-before-heard case studies focusing on the industry’s most urgent needs for improving solubility and therapeutic performance. My ultimate goal will be to foster a meeting place that inspires innovation and advancement of drug development and delivery as well as providing support for the leaders behind the movement.

New drug delivery partnerships, advances in formulation technologies and significant improvements in analysis capabilities are all creating real opportunities in the product development field. This senior level congress brings together over 300 experts working in formulation, delivery and product development. Presentations will assess recent technological innovations and discuss their impact on product improvement and patient experience

As we all know that developers of both small- and large-molecule therapeutics urgently need to overcome drug formulation and delivery challenges in order to improve bioavailability and therapeutic performance. Small molecule drugs are challenged by poor solubility, and while enabled formulations can help with this, they often encounter stability hurdles of their own. Intravenous delivery of biologics sets limits on patient adherence and market success, so the next generation of delivery challenges will focus on all such technological advances and innovations to broaden product pipelines and lengthen life cycles.

The conference is designed with 3 different purposes:

1. Present a strategic level program for pharma and biotech business development professionals with a thorough overview of the latest drug delivery technologies available along with an update on deals and opportunities to improve therapies and extend the life cycle of a drug.

2. To provide drug delivery and specialty pharmas with a platform to present their technologies and get the latest insights on what the delivery and formulation needs are.

3. To offer ample networking time, facilities and services for one-on-one meetings to establish new business contacts and enhance existing ones.

This event represents your best chance to address the biggest challenges in your current pharmaceutical development programs. The event is focused on:

  • Achieve continuous improvement and reformulation of existing products

  • Improve bioavailability and solubility of difficult drugs

  • Understand and meet drug regulatory agencies expectations

  • Plan more effectively with a well-informed future outlook

This event also brings you a comprehensive overview of the most exciting innovations in development and in use right now. Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to…

  • Overcome poor API solubility and boost bioavailability with state-of-the-art delivery solutions

  • Improve the stability, safety and efficacy of your formulations with the latest results and case-studies

  • Capitalize on innovative academic breakthroughs with powerful collaborations

  • Guarantee regulatory success with proven QbD models and analytical tools

  • Circumvent patient compliance issues with ingenious modified release dosage systems

Without taking too much of your valuable time I wish to conclude my introductory thoughts and professional and honest opinion. I am sure this has ignited and sparked reasonable interest in you to attend and get the best out of this conference. This will benefit both you as a professional and your business organization.

Hope to see you then and deliberate much more and enjoy the time together!


Chairman, …..

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